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Hi. I’m Matt Fisher

I am a handyman based in Lane Cove. My main goal is to offer workmanship with attention to detail and a service that is both professional and friendly. I specialise in all kinds of home maintenance and repair work. I have a degree in Architecture and a Master of Sustainable Building.

Your HOME is something special to you.

As a handyman I recognise that your home is more than a building. It is the place where you live.

Your home is a place that holds your possessions and memories.

Somewhere you have taken time to make just right.

And somewhere that you have made comfortable for you and your family.

What I do.

You may only have a few simple jobs or more substantial projects. Regardless, I always invest a high level of care both in the quality of my work and how I work with you and in your home. I make sure that I provide you with both quality outcomes and excellent customer service.

The type of work I do

A Home needs regular maintenance and there are some jobs which either you cannot get the time to do or are unable to do. To give you an idea of the range of jobs that I have done in the past, they include:

Patching walls and cornices, painting, hanging doors and installing locks, replacing broken glass panes, repairing broken fly-screens, tiling and grouting, repairing or staining timber decks, installing bathroom vanities and other fixtures, fixing leaking taps, hanging gates, hanging pictures, fixing furniture, assembling or building shelves, clearing gutters and pressure cleaning paths and steps.

How I work

I care a great deal about the people that I do work for and the outcome of the work I do. This is because I love this kind of work and I like helping people.

I am completely honest in how I deal with clients and pride myself in the thoughtful and friendly service I provide.

I am meticulous in how I work and I am always tidy. I never cut corners and will always provide you with the best solution for your job.

I am also affordable

Because I am not a franchise and have a low overhead business I can offer very competitive rates.

All materials are supplied at cost and receipts for all materials used on your job are provided.

I am more than happy to come and have a look at your jobs and do not charge for this.

Let me make your jobs happen.

mob: 0413 414 926