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About me.

I became interested in how things are made from a very early age. I took apart clocks at the age of 7, and continued throughout my childhood making all manner of grand constructions and inventions.

While studying Architecture (1988-1994) I began building in earnest, labouring and then working as a carpenters hand during my student holidays and have developed my building skills over the last 20 years.

I worked as an architect for 6 years. I completed a Masters Degree in Environmental Development in 2002, and worked in environmental government programs for over a decade. 

I enjoy that my work now combines the skills and passions I have developed through my life which are: helping people, doing things properly and professionally, and working with my hands.

In addition to rock climbing, sailing and mountain biking, one of my favourite hobbies is photography.

Let me make your jobs happen.

mob: 0413 414 926